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GTvisitor is a commercial network providing wired and wireless internet access to any campus visitor. GTvisitor provides seamless wireless mobility throughout the campus, and is available at all wireless locations on the Atlanta and Savannah campuses, including the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. GTvisitor is operated by Awaresoft in partnership with Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.

GTvisitor has two tiers of service:

Free: Users are limited to 3Mbits/s data speed and does not come with any technical support.

Premium: Premium service comes with an increase in data speeds, technical support, and a public IP address. Premium services can be purchased from the portal or if you have a group of conference attendees that will all need premium service, passes can be purchased in increments of 1day, 1 week, and 1 month. The duration of access is contiguous; and is not based on the amount of time the device is connected to the network. Once the user logs in, their access will expire after the amount of time associated with the account elapses, regardless of the activity of the user. GTvisitor passes which have not been used to login do not expire.

If you selected the "Free" option and discover that you require increased speeds and wish to purchase a pass for Premium service, you can navigate your browser to to log out of your existing session.

Increased Speed Rates (for up to 10Mbits/s) for GTvisitor are as follows:

  • $3/day
  • $10/week
  • $30/month

Georgia Tech Rate

Event sponsors including all Georgia Tech employees can purchase an unlimited quantity of GTvisitor passes at a discounted rate.

Prior to purchasing passes, you should consult the guest and visitor wireless access guidelines to determine if commercial access is appropriate for your visitor. Additionally, please verify that GTvisitor is available in the locations on campus where your visitors will require access.


Email :

Phone : 404-478-7310

For more information about GTvisitor, please contact:


This service is provided to authorized clients only.
Unauthorized access to this service is prohibited.

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