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Connecting your BlackBerry based device to GTwifi

This example assumes that you have a BlackBerry based device. There may be some minor differences in configuration layouts depending on your BlackBerry version. These instructions are geared to configure "GTwifi" on a BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry 9000). They are also known to work on the BlackBerry Curve.

Very Important Note: If you have previously configured your device for "GTwireless" or "GTother", you should delete it's configuration.

Be sure to check the GTwifi forum (click here) for additional important information.

  1. From the standby screen, press the BlackBerry button to open the main menu
  2. Select Manage Connections (the radio aerial icon).

  3. From the menu that appears select Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
  4. A setup wizard will appear, to guide you through the setup process. Select Next.
  5. Select Scan to search for available networks. If Wi-Fi is currently turned off, you will be asked if you wish to enable it - select Turn-On Wi-Fi.
  6. The Available Wi-Fi Networks screen will be displayed. Select "GTwifi" (WPA2-Enterprise) (if multiple entries for "GTwifi" are listed, select the one with the best signal; if "GTwifi" is not listed you must move to an area where it is available).

  7. Next, it will ask you to configure the network. You will be using your GT Account credentials. This is the same login information you enter for Buzzport, My GaTech and other Georgia Tech websites.

    Review the image below and ensure all configuration information is as indicated.

    1. Set Security Type to PEAP.
    2. In the User name field, enter your GT Account (the same username you use for GT Email and Buzzport).
    3. In the User password field, enter your GT Account Password
    4. From the CA certificate list, select "Comodo AddTrust External CA Root". Note: If you are using a Blackberry running OS 6 then the certificate is called "AddTrust External CA Root".
    5. Set Inner link security to "EAP-MS-CHAP v2" (not MS-CHAP v2 without EAP).
    6. In the Server subject field, enter "gtwpa.lawn.gatech.edu".
  8. Select Connect from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  9. After a few seconds delay you should be connected to the "GTwifi" wireless network. However, there is one further setting which must be enabled to allow roaming between access points when connected:
    1. From the main menu, choose Manage Connections (again).
    2. Select Wi-Fi Options from the menu.
    3. Move down to "GTwifi" on the list of configured networks and press the BlackBerry button.
    4. Select Edit from the menu.
    5. On the Wi-Fi Profile screen which appears, scroll down to the bottom and tick "Allow inter-access point handover".
    6. Press the BlackBerry button and pick Save from the menu.

Note: All the settings made above are stored in your BlackBerry and should not need re-entering each time you connect.



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