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Troubleshooting GTwifi on Ubuntu

This document will provide some basic GTwifi troubleshooting information for Ubuntu. This example is assuming you are running the lastest Ubuntu version, are fully patched, with a working wireless adapter that is turned on.

These are listed in order of difficulty as well as recommended starting places to diagnose where in your configuration there may be issues. You may only need to perform one or two of these in order to resolve your issues.

If you are uncomfortable making these changes or this document does not solve your problems, please visit the OIT Technology Support Center in the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, Room 215 (near the Starbucks).

  1. Turn the wireless adapter off and back on.
  2. Ensure that you are NOT connected to both the wired and attempting to connect to wireless at the same time.
  3. There are some forum discussions and support documents that point to the default "Network Manager" as causing periodic disconnects when using WPA. One possibility is to replace "Network Manager" with "WICD" (See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo).
    1. Make sure you have network access to begin with as we will be installing a new package. This may require you to connect to the legacy "GTother" or a network port. If necessary, visit the OIT Technology Support Center (first floor of the GT Library) as they should be able to assist you with plugging into an available network port.
    2. Click "Applications", choose "Accessories", and select "Terminal"
    3. In your "Terminal" application, type the following:
      sudo apt-get install wicd
      At this point we need to modify/add some configuration files to enable WPA2-Enterprise support using WICD.
      sudo wget -O /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/peap-aes http://www.lawn.gatech.edu/help/gtwifi/peap-aes
      sudo sh -c "echo 'peap-aes' >> /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/active"
      sudo apt-get purge network-manager
      sudo reboot
    4. At this point, WICD should be available as a small icon in the upper right hand corner:

      Note: If you do not see this icon, there are some issues with WICD and Unity in the newer Ubuntu distributions. To fix:

      1. Install the "dconf-tools" package and then open dconf Editor

      2. Navigate to desktop → unity → panel and add 'Wicd" to systray-whitelist:

      3. Log out and then back in. You should see the wicd icon on the panel:

    5. Click this icon to bring up the network listing.
    6. Click the "Refresh" button.
    7. Scroll down using the scroll bar on the right hand side and choose the first instance of "GTwifi" and click "Properties".

    8. There are several steps on the "Properties" page.
      1. Click "Use these settings for all networks sharing this essid"
      2. Click "Use Encryption and in the pull down box, ensure that "PEAP with AES/MSCHAPV2" is selected
      3. In the "Identity" box, enter your GT Account.
      4. In the "Password" box, enter your GT Account Password.
      5. In the "Path to CA Cert" box, enter: /etc/ssl/certs/AddTrust_External_Root.pem
      6. Click "OK".

    9. Click the "Automatically connect to this network" and then click "Connect".

    10. At this point, your network connection may take a minute or so to connect. If it is successful, you can hover over the WICD icon in the upper right hand corner to view its status.


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