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Wireless Radio

You will need a wireless radio to use the LAWN. Many laptops and PDAs have wireless radios built into the device. If a wireless radio is not built in, many devices will allow a radio card to be inserted into an expansion slot (PCMCIA, PC, Mini-PCI, SDIO, Compact Flash, USB etc.). Consult the device manual to determine the type of radio built into the device, or the type of expansion slot(s) available.

All lawn hot spots support 802.11b, a growing number of hot spots support 802.11g, and some hot spots support 802.11a. 802.11g radios are compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g hot spots. 802.11a radios are only compatible with hot spots that only use 802.11a. We recommend that you buy a radio that is at least capable of using 802.11b. Some radios are able to communicate using more than one protocol, for example (A/B, A/B&G) protocols. Confused?

Buying a Wireless Radio Card

There are a huge variety of wireless cards out there to purchase. A good source for information can be obtained from the manufacturer of the card. We also have a card list from Cisco Systems that might help you. This list was compiled based on successful their experiences.

Wireless Radio Card Forum

Please feel free to add to the forum below in regard to wireless radio related topics. Our hope is that a contribution from the campus will enrich the information of this site for all to benefit.

Please note that the forums are not meant as a replacement for the official OIT help system ServiceDesk (which can be reached via email, support@oit.gatech.edu, or via the phone at 404-894-7173).

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Radio Compatibility
This forum discusses the radio in your wireless device. It is sometimes referred to as your wireless card.
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