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LAWN coverage locations on campus continue to be added. As we add locations and upgrade others, we will update this list of locations to reflect the current state of coverage. Please use this as a guide in helping you decide if you should be getting a wireless signal.

Below is a list of locations that have some level of coverage. Select the location that interests you to see the details. The number by each location name represents the identification on the Georgia Tech campus map There is also a wireless map that you can use to help you.

A French (030)
Administration (035)
Administration Building #1 (801)
Alexander Memorial Coliseum (073)
Allen, Lamar Sustainable Education Building (145)
Arch Addition (075)
Arch/Bc/Gis (060A)
Architecture (076)
Architecture Annex Building (060A)
ATDC/Gatv (Fifth Street) (176)
Aware House (152)
Awpl (158)
Awpl, 676 Marietta Street (158)
Baker, Henry L. Building (099)
Bioeng. & Bioscience (146)
Biomedical Building (165)
Boggs, Gilbert Hillhouse Building (103)
Bradley, W.C. & Sarah Building (074)
Brittain Dining Hall (12)
Brittain, Marion L.T Room Addition (072)
Broadband Institute Residential Laboratory (152)
Brown, Julius Residence Hall (007)
Bunger-Henry (Harold Bunger & A.V. Henry) Building (086)
Calculator Building (051B)
Caldwell, Hugh H. Residence Hall (109)
Callaway Jr, Fuller E. Manufacturing Research Cent (126)
Campus Rec Center (122)
Campus Recreation Center (122)
Carnegie (036)
Carnegie, Andrew Building (036)
Centennial Research Building (790)
Cherry Emerson (066)
Cloudman, Josiah Residence Hall (013)
Coliseum (073)
College Of Architecture Addition (075)
College Of Architecture Building (076)
College Of Computing Building (050)
College Of Management Building (172)
Commander, Robert C. Building (105)
Coon, John Saylor Building (045)
CRB (790)
Crosland, Dorothy M. Tower (100)
Dm Smith (024)
Economic Development Institute Building (173)
Engineering Science And Mechanics Building (041)
Engr Sci & Mech (041)
Environ Safety (120)
Evans, Lettie Pate Whitehead Administration Buildi (035)
Facilities (032)
401 Ferst Drive (120)
Ford Motor Co. Environmental Science And Technology (147)
French, Aaron Building (030)
GCATT (141)
Georgia Center For Advanced Telecommunications And (141)
Gilbert, Judge S. Price Memorial Library (077)
Glenn, William H. Residence Hall (016)
Global Learning Center (170)
Groseclose, Colonel Frank F. Building (056)
GTRI Bldg 1 (Lockheed) (801)
GTRI Bldg 2 (Lockheed) (802)
GTRI Bldg 3 (Lockheed) (803)
GTRI Bldg 4 (Lockheed) (804)
GTRI Bldg 5 (Lockheed) (805)
Guggenheim, Daniel F. Building (040)
Habersham (137)
Harrison, George W. Jr. Residence Hall (014)
Hemphill Avenue Apts. (131)
Hotel And Conference Center (171)
Houston (114)
Houston, Frank K. Bookstore (114)
Howell, Clark Residence Hall (010)
Howey (081)
Howey, Joseph H. Physics Building (081)
Institute Of Paper Science And Technology (129)
Instruction Center (055)
Ipst (129)
ISYE Annex (057)
Ivan Allen College (137)
J S Coon ME (045)
J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building (144)
Junior'S Grill (074)
Knight, Montgomery Building (101)
Lyman Hall Building (029A)
Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex (135)
845 Marietta Street (156)
811 Marietta Street, N.W. (138)
Mason, Jesse W. Building (111)
Maulding Hall (065)
Montag, Harold E. Residence Hall (118)
Moore, Bill Student Success Center (031)
MRDC (135)
MRDC (144)
Navy ROTC Armory (059)
NROTC Armory (059)
O'Keefe Main Building (033)
Okeefe-Main Bldg (033)
Old College Of Management (057)
Outdoor Wireless Coverage (OWC1)
Outdoor Wireless Coverage (OWC2)
Outdoor Wireless Coverage (OWC3)
Outdoor Wireless Coverage (OWC4)
Outdoor Wireless Coverage (OWC)
Petit, Parker H. Biotechnology Building (146)
Pettit, Joseph M. Microelectronics Research Build (095)
Research Administration Building Addition (155B)
Research Building #2 (802)
Research Building #3 (803)
Research Building #4 (804)
Research Building #5 (805)
Rich Building (051C)
Rich Computer Center (051D)
Robert, L.W. Alumni Faculty House (003)
Environ Safety (120)
Savant (038)
Savant, Domenico P. Building (038)
Seb (145)
Sixth Street Apartments (065)
Skiles, William Vernon Classroom Building (002)
Smith, John M. Residence Hall (006)
Smithgall Jr., Charles A. Student Services (123)
8th St. West (130)
Student Services (123)
500 Tech Parkway, N.W. (142)
Technology Square Research Building (175)
Towers, Donigan D. Residence Hall (015)
Van Leer, Blake R. Building (085)
Wardlaw Jr., William C. Center (047)
Weber, Paul Space Science & Technology 3 Building (098)
Weber, Paul Space Science & Technology 1 Building (084)
Wenn, Fred B. Student Center (104)
Whitaker, U.A. Building (165)
Woodruff, George & Irene Residence Hall (116)



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