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Certificate Change April 19, 2018

Thursday morning (4/19/2018 5AM), we will be changing the certificate used for wireless. The new certificate presented by the radius servers will appear with the name “lawn.gatech.edu”, replacing the certificate associated with “gtwpa.lawn.gatech.edu”, which expires on 4/24/2018. This certificate will apply to any SSID (currently “eduroam” and “GTwifi”), as only one certificate can be used at a time by the radius servers (this is also why we can’t do this replacement more gracefully). We chose to change the name so that it was clear that this certificate wasn’t for a specific SSID and to allow for broader use in the future network admissions and network access control services. The new certificate will continue to use Incommon just as the current one does, which will help smooth the transition for some devices.

That said, this certificate change will not go as smoothly as previous ones. We have discovered that some clients are not alerting their users of the certificate change when detected. This includes iOS and some versions of Windows and Android. Unfortunately the device will not join the network, and the easiest way to fix the problem is to forget/delete the old Wi-Fi configuration and reconfigure Wi-Fi for the device which includes accepting the new certificate. Our advice then is that anyone in this situation go ahead and configure their device for eduroam to avoid having to reconfigure again this summer when we retire GTwifi.

When configuring eduroam it is important that only one Georgia Tech network is configured on any device at any time to avoid connection instability, so each device must be configured to connect to eduroam only.

The only significant difference in configuring eduroam vs GTwifi is that the username you enter needs to be in the format of "gtaccount@gatech.edu". For example, if your username is "gpburdell8" you would enter "gpburdell8@gatech.edu"

Detailed instructions on how to make this change are available on the LAWN Website here: http://lawn.gatech.edu/help/eduroam/

For GTAD joined machines, “lawn.gatech.edu” should be added to the group policy CA server list prior to the certificate change.

GTwifi users will start seeing emails asking them to switch to eduroam. Our plan is to increase the frequency of these over the summer semester, and to retire GTwifi during the break before the start of Fall classes.

As always, Thank You for your help supporting wireless @ GT

The Georgia Tech Wireless Team


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