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Fall LAWN Updates

October 3, 2008

In addition to the sponsored guest migration to Passport We have made a number of other changes to the LAWN service over the past few months.

Probably the most obvious change we have made is that GTwireless is now a beaconed wireless network (SSID). Previously the network name was not beaconed, and this gave some clients problems associating with the network. Once we determined that there would not be side-effects to beaconing this network, we enabled beaconing, and that seems to have helped a number of client devices associate with the network more consistently.

Last year, the Technology Fee Comittee awarded $100,000 towards the expansion of Outdoor wireless coverage on the Atlanta campus. This allowed us to replace the majority of our legacy outdoor wireless, and add significant coverage to the campus. A total of 55 802.11g access points and outdoor antennas were installed over the summer providing coverage to benches around many campus buildings, as well as most green spaces and outdoor courtyards on campus. Additionaly, we have coverage at a number of bus stops, and along many of our most popular pedestrian coorodors on the campus. We are submitting another Technology Fee proposal this year to further expand this coverage and add outdoor capacity in high use areas. If you have suggestions about where to add coverage or capacity, please Email us at:

Over the Summer we improved the coverage and capacity in over 50 classrooms as well as locations in the library. This included the addition of 60 802.11a radios and 52 new 802.11abgn access points. Coverage was also added to the Physics, Old CE, and 828 W. Peachtree buildings.

This week, we began the process of updating the LAWN website. The most notable change so far is to the navigation bar on the left side of the page, which now includes links to the most commonly visited pages on the site, including the WEP key page, the device configuration help page, and the FASTPASS page. Over the coming weeks and months you can expect to see additional changes including an updated list and map of coverage locations. If you have feedback or suggestions on the website please Email us at:

As always, we are working on a number of other exciting enhancements that we will be sharing in the coming weeks and months.


The Wireless Team



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