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Eduroam to Replace GTwifi (Summer 2018)

This summer, GTwifi will be retired in favor of eduroam, which has been live at Georgia Tech since late 2016 as a pilot to early adopters.. “Using eduroam on campus gives you the same great network experience you are used to having with GTwifi, with the additional benefit of seamless access to networks across town, the state, the country, and the world.” says Matt Sanders, Director of Research Operations in the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) and Georgia Tech wireless services manager. Using eduroam allows Georgia Tech researchers and faculty to use Tech’s Wifi service whether visiting a member institute locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, as well as enabling members from other schools to log in to their own eduroam service, instead of configuring their device to Tech’s networking service.

The most significant change when using eduroam is that the username you enter needs to be in the format of "gtaccount@gatech.edu". For example, if your GT account is "gpburdell8" you would enter "gpburdell8@gatech.edu" as your username along with your GT account password. “Eduroam provides the same strong enterprise based wireless authentication that GTwifi does, with the ability to securely authenticate to Wi-Fi networks provided by participating academic institutions worldwide,” says Sanders.

When you make the switch, it is important that only one Georgia Tech network be configured on a device at any one time to avoid connection instability, so delete your GTwifi account and ensure that each of your devices are configured to connect to eduroam only. Detailed instructions on how to make this change are available on the LAWN Website:


As a part of this transition, users will receive a prompt on their wireless device to accept a new security certificate to “lawn.gatech.edu,” which users should accept when prompted, regardless of which network they are using. Once this happens, existing GTwifi users can expect to receive email reminders about moving to eduroam as the transition approaches. While you can continue to use GTwifi, you might want to switch to eduroam now to avoid losing your wifi connection when GTwifi is decommissioned later this summer.

As always, Thank You for your help supporting wireless @ GT

The Georgia Tech Wireless Team


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