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GTwpa Testing

April 26, 2010

GTwpa provides a way to authenticate to the wireless network (LAWN), without having to use a web browser or type in a password every time you associate with the wireless network. GTwpa also provides users with better security between their laptops and the wireless access point with which they are associated, and allows 802.11n capable devices which are connected to 802.11n Access Points to take advantage of higher data rates than are possible with GTwireless.

GTwpa is available everywhere that GTwireless is available on the Atlanta Campus including the Hotel and Conference Center. Anyone who can use GTwireless can use GTwpa, including sponsored guest accounts, although these accounts take a few minutes to get created in GTAD.

We are in the final stages of piloting GTwpa, and will soon transition the service into production. GTwpa will be the recommended configuration included in the FASET materials for summer 2010. Currently over 20% of LAWN users are using GTwpa to authenticate, most of whom are using it everyday and no longer use GTwireless. We need more help from the community to test the service on a greater diversity of devices in a variety of situations.

GTwireless will remain in place as a fallback after GTwpa goes into production for clients that are not GTwpa capable, but we want to know about those cases to see if we can address those client specific issues or at least document the issues for other users.

Please use GTwpa, provide feedback, and encourage others to test GTwpa.

Visit http://lawn.gatech.edu/help/gtwpa/ for more information on configuring GTwpa as well as information on how to provide feedback.


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