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Computer and Network Usage and Security Policy (CNUSP)

This is an institute-wide policy (PDF Link) on the proper use of all Georgia Tech computing and network resources, effective protection of individual users, equitable access, and proper management of those resources.

Guest and Visitor Wireless Access Guidelines

Georgia Tech has a large number of visitors on campus every day. These guidelines exist to assist in deciding who should be given access to the Georgia Tech network and who should use the commercial network.

There are two types of wireless network access for non-GT users on our campus: LAWN guest accounts or the GTvisitor commercial network.

Guest access sponsorship to the LAWN requires an explicit agreement (either written or verbal) between a representative of Georgia Tech and the guest. For example, if a written contract has been executed with a third party contractor to provide a service to Georgia Tech, then guest access for that individual is appropriate. A contract is defined as those that directly serve to support the mission of the Institute. A pending agreement, such as a faculty recruitment visit would also be deemed appropriate for guest access to the LAWN. All other visitors to campus should use the GTvisitor network. It is up to the visitor and their host to determine who should pay for visitor access.

LAWN Guest Policy Examples
Can be classified as Guests
USE: LAWN Sponsored Guest
Should be classified as VISITORS
USE: GTvisitor
Research Sponsors Continuing Education Student
Industry Partners and Career Fairs Workshop Attendees
Collaborating Peer Conference Attendee
Vendor (with a contract or product/service evaluation) Vendor
Prospective Student Friend or relative of a student, faculty, or staff
Prospective Employee Someone you do not trust
Distinguished Speaker Someone you suspect of having a compromised device
Accreditation or Review Committees Generally any event which has a cost associated with it
Advisory Board Members Large Groups requiring significant tech support for configuration of LAWN
Small Workshops sponsored by Georgia Tech Random person off the street with no relationship to anyone at GT

Information on sponsoring guest access for the Georgia Tech LAWN is available on the PASSPORT website.

Information about GTvisitor is available here.

Plan ahead. Do not wait to request an increase in your guest creation limit or to order GTvisitor passes. Contact OIT if you are unsure or have questions.


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