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Printing from the LAWN

Printing for Students

The recommended method for students wanting to print from the LAWN is to utilize the OIT Mobile Printing Package. This is available for Windows and OSX based machines. Printouts to central-ps initially go to Printing and Copying Services. They are then brought to the Student Center Commons (Second floor of Student Center) and placed in the metal bins along the wall. The print bins are organized by last name and a numbering system.

For information on installing and using the OIT Mobile Printing Package, see the documentation on the OIT Frequently Asked Questions found at http://faq.oit.gatech.edu/.

Printing for Faculty/Staff

We recommend you contact your departmental Computer Support Personnel. There are a variety of ways that departmental printers can be configured. Departmental support personnel can contact the LAWN team for any advice on printers and their use from LAWN clients.

Connecting Wireless Printers to the LAWN

Because LAWN is a large open network, we do not recommend attaching any printers to wireless. Instead, connect the printer directly to your computer using the appropriate cable.

There are generally no ways to secure printers. They are not designed with limiting connectivity. The following is a picture of what happened (without announcing the printer existed to anyone) when we left a printer on LAWN overnight.

An Important Note Regarding Wireless Enabled Printers

Be sure to disable any wireless "hotspot" features. Some printers can act as an Access Point and cause issues with your devices and other users' devices by creating interference.

Using AirPrint from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc)

AirPrint is not supported on the LAWN. There are some Apps that allow you to print to IP based printers. Because of varying capabilities and differences between iOS versions, we cannot recommend any particular one. See your Computer Support Personnel to determine if they can support this configuration.

Please contribute to the forums on this page to communicate feedback based on your experiences, including working and non-working configurations/features. Send other feedback to lawn-feedback@lists.gatech.edu

Please note that the forums are not meant as a replacement for the official OIT help system ServiceDesk (which can be reached via email, support@oit.gatech.edu, or via the phone at 404-894-7173).

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LAWN Printing
This forum is to discuss printing while using the wireless/wired LAWN network.
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January 5, 2015, 4:32 pm

Which app should I download (for my iPad) in order to use the mobile printing here???

August 11, 2015, 4:31 pm

what is the IP address for my wireless printer?


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